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Are your Candles Eco Friendly?

Our candles are made using 100% soy wax which is made from Soybean oil so it is natural, vegan, biodegradable and free from toxins. It is a renewable resource which burns without producing pollutants.

What’s the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?

Essential oils (EO's) are steam-distilled pure plant extracts used for scenting, flavouring, or healing applications in aromatherapy. Fragrance oils (FO's) are synthetically made chemical scent compounds found everywhere in modern life.

What’s a hand-poured candle?

Hand-poured candles are candles manufactured by hand. This simply means that the melted wax is mixed with any fragrance and poured into the candle vessel by hand. Hand-poured candles are typically made in smaller batches and may have a more artisan feel.

Why a wooden wick?

Wooden wicks burn evenly, slowly and with a wider fragrance throw. As well as being non toxic they also crackle, creating a relaxing sound that reminds of a fireplace.

Is The Masked Garden Sustainable?

The Masked Garden strives to be a sustainable business. From the materials used to make the candles to the ones used to create our packagings, we work towards using zero plastics and recyclable, non polluting materials.